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    The book I helped to write. Although if you went to any flavour of Amazon you wouldn't think so.

    1. John Oxton ages ago | reply

      Dag nab it, Drew pulled out ages ago.. still looking forward to your bit most, tried all the other CMSsssss but never tried to build my own!

    2. clagnut ages ago | reply

      Yeah and I didn't even replace Drew - I was there from the start! only lists Sherry, Collison and Budd though so you should count yerself lucky.

    3. Russ Weakley ages ago | reply

      Well done to all of you!

    4. Phil Sherry ages ago | reply

      Amazon are lame. Their listing for my first book states: "Mac OS X 10.2, known as Panther"

      At least you get your name above mine. I mean, come on. Heh.

      And, I did ask you to contribute before I asked Drew.

    5. Tim Parkin ages ago | reply

      Congrats Richard :-) look forward to reading it...

    6. duncehat ages ago | reply

      Nice one George

    7. BossPetta!! [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Translate to spanish... please!!! ;-(

    8. J. M. Jones ages ago | reply

      Sold one at work yesterday.

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