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birthday boy.

hard to believe they built this thing back in 1937 without the help of computers or any modern tools.


nope, this picture is not flipped, i was one of the handful of crazy people hiked in the dark to go to marshall beach for this :-)


the boring behind the story story:

I went to this spot thinking that the fireworks would look great reflecting off the water...however there were 2 slight problems. 1) the tide wasn't high enough, it only sort of covered the beach 2) I had no idea where they were gonna launch the fireworks, I thought they were gonna launch them closer to the middle of the channel (like between the 2 towers) and when it started, I quickly realized that most of the big booms were behind the hill and I basically went there for nothing. When I was busy sighing, out from no where, they launched 2 big ones right to the upper right of the frame and it was perfect!....and then that was it, the only shot I had that was properly framed and it lit everything up nicely.


fireworks by Pyro Spectaculars by Souza

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Taken on May 27, 2012