• Step 1
    Click the Gmap icon.
  • Step 2
    Place the red marker where you took the photo on the google map.
  • Step 3
    Open the marker info window, and you will see the lat/lon info. If everything is correct, click "Add geo tags".
  • Step 4
    The tags with the lat/lon will show up here. Click "ADD" to add these tags.
  • Step 5
    This step is optional. You can actively post your geotagged photo to Geobloggers database. Or you can just wait for Geobloggers to grab your geotagged photo automatically.

Google Maps in Flickr

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Please read the notes. The final step is go to see your photo at Geobloggers.
Step 6: check here.
This is a greasemonkey user script to display google maps in flickr.

Official release: Flickr Tools.
Download: webdev.yuan.cc/gmif/flickr.gmap_v3.0.user.js
Any comments or discussion, please goto GeoTagging Flickr group.

Note: A new version of GMiF is here flickr.com/photos/ckyuan/60247724/

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  1. Nativeagle 118 months ago | reply

    Cool...I'll try this.

  2. .snow 117 months ago | reply

    你的ck 後面為什麼有括弧???


  3. .CK 117 months ago | reply

    CK 後面的括弧是一個 GM script 做出來的, 超好用. 他可以讓妳看到 user 的時候, 直接 1. 寄信 2. 看 profile 3. 看 favs 4. 換關係.

    這是我 flickr 上的好友 steeev 寫的, 去這個地方安裝 "Flickr PM"

  4. .CK 117 months ago | reply

    我的 script 妳那裡不會用?
    先去裝最新版 GMiF 2.1.1 www.flickr.com/groups/topic/56131/

    然後新的圖片上有 note 的說明
    GMiF v2.0

  5. .snow 117 months ago | reply


    我不知道怎麼把照片跟geoblogger 連起來。

  6. .snow 117 months ago | reply


  7. .CK 117 months ago | reply



    然後我的 script 是簡化上面的步驟, 可以幫妳自動的 post 到 geoblogger 去, 只要在地圖上放 marker, 然後按一下把白色 info window 叫出來, 再按 post to geobloggers 就可以了.

  8. killncatch 116 months ago | reply

    Hi CK, I just tried the GMiF and it is absolutely cool!

    I read from somewhere that I can control the zoom level and use Satellite view for the "Geotagged" hyperlink, but I can't find it again. Can you help me? Many thanks!!

  9. .CK 116 months ago | reply

    Hi killncatch,

    I am not sure about your question. In GMiF, you can set the default map type in the "options". Or, do you mean how to control the zoom level and map type by clicking the button that links to Geobloggers.com ?

  10. Naruwan 116 months ago | reply

    Wow, this is exciting stuff.

  11. *dans 114 months ago | reply

    nice to know that...
    thank you for sharing!

  12. timlauer 113 months ago | reply

    What a great tool... Thanks for making it available...

  13. .CK 113 months ago | reply

    glad to know you like it. thanks.

  14. Christine Lebrasseur 99 months ago | reply

    Why the Gmap symbol does not appear for me ? :(
    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  15. kiki follettosa 93 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Let's Screenshot!, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

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