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Virtual Sets | by .CK
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Virtual Sets


This is an extended work of this script.


A Virtual Set is not a real photoset in Flickr. It's a set of photos sharing common properties or "things", say, your favorites, same tags, or same privacy settings. This script builds a navigating photostream box for each pre-defined virtual set. When you surfing photo pages, if a photo is in any of the virtual sets, the photostream box(es) will be opened automatically.


In the "You" menu, this script will insert a link - "Your Virtual Sets" to let you choose which virtual sets you want to enable. The preference is stored in your Firefox. Now we have 6 pre-defined virtual sets:


1. My Favorites - a collection of favorite photos

2. Recent Photos of Contacts - recent uploaded photos of your contacts, one photo per user

3. My Private Photos - all my private photos (not for friends and family)

4. Interesting Photos - 500 photos from Interestness API

5. Geotagged Photos - photos with "tag: geotagged" of the current user

6. Friends Only - photos only visible to friends of current user

7. Your Favorites owned by xxx - your favorites owned by current user

8. Your Favorited Photos - your photos favorited by others

9. User Most Interesting - most interesting photos of current user

10. Your Most Interesting - most interesting photos of you

11. Your photos in that pool

12. This user's photos in that pool


In the "Photo Sets" page, either yours or others, the virtual sets will be inserted. Click any of the virtual sets, a floating div element will pop up to show photo thumbs in that set. If the virtual set belongs to you, you can add them to a real set, either a new created one or an existing one.


This might be useful. If you want to create a set to collect your favorited or most interesting photos, this script can make it very easy.



Discussion: Flickr Hacks


See all screenshots here.


Note: If you've installed "Flickr Favorites Virtual Set" before, you need to un-install it. They clash.

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Taken on June 27, 2006