Window to Nothingness

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    Let me get a bit mystical on you. This photo is from the old Bishop's palace in St David's, but the interplay of darkness, light and nothingness in the window reminded me of an early Mystic. In the 5th/6th century (Pseudo)-Dionysius the Areopagite wrote:

    " our path to the ultimate summit of your mystical knowledge, most incomprehensible, most luminous and most exalted, where the pure, absolute and immutable mysteries of theology are veiled in the dazzling obscurity of the secret Silence, outshining all brilliance with the intensity of their Darkness, and surcharging our blinded intellects with the utterly impalpable and invisible fairness of glories surpassing all beauty."

    Says it all!

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    1. Chris KWM 81 months ago | reply

      Thanks all. Mom - 'tis done.

      Liam - he's known as Pseudo-Dionysious as he is writing under a pseudonym. Dionysius the Areopagite was a disciple of St Paul, and it was common for people to take the name of a famous person in order to gain weight for their writings.

      This is not seen as forgery, but rather as the handing on of a tradition. It means that the author is consciously writing within an older tradition, something known in antiquity as "declamatio".

      The text which I quoted from ( for more info.

      You'll be glad to hear that the text had a huge influence on both British and Irish Mystics during the Dark Ages and early Medieval periods. Good celtic stuff!

    2. A n t o i n e t t e 81 months ago | reply

      Well, Greetings from Mystic, CT! I see a figure where you see nothingness . . . I'd need hours to digest all of this . . . I bet you could put all of this fascinating text into a little book entitled "Secret Silence." Fascinating, Chris.

    3. David Lev 81 months ago | reply

      Impressive image and text!

    4. Chris KWM 81 months ago | reply

      Color: Oh yes, I hadn't seen the figure. Like the idea of secret silence.

      Ta, Sanky and David.

    5. Maggiet96 81 months ago | reply

      The light... the light... really touching... both, photo and (Pseudo)-Dionysius the Areopagite's words... Thank you for posting this Chris.

    6. isa13 81 months ago | reply

      A beautiful image for meditation... is there really a "window to Nothingness" ? I love trying to imagine what is in the light shining through. Beautiful Nothingness. Thank you for sharing this moment, Chris.

    7. Accuse. 81 months ago | reply


      You are my winner!
      Please add this photo to

    8. Chris KWM 81 months ago | reply

      Thanks all. Appreciated.

      Accuse, 'tis done.

    9. rosy outlook photography 81 months ago | reply


      Definitely a winner!!!
      You deserve another one.
      Found in

    10. Janet Leadbeater 81 months ago | reply

      stunning photo and beautiful writing.
      it's had a big impact on me.

    11. Chris KWM 81 months ago | reply

      Thanks people. Janet, I'm glad.

    12. Estrellita Porteña 80 months ago | reply

      I love this photo!!! I´Ll take it
      i feel peace!
      See you

    13. Eddi van W. 76 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Creative Commons- Free Pictures, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    14. Bokehneer 12 months ago | reply

      Beautiful image

    15. dailypictureteam 7 months ago | reply

      We are having a daily picture competition over on twitter and this would be a great entry for today's theme - WINDOWS - follow us @dailyp and tweet the link if you want to enter.

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