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    The image on the left was created by the Sapporo pinhole camera on the right.
    I drank the beer and the kids "helped" me spray the inside of the can black. Good healthy fun for the whole family!

    Still testing it out though. Maybe I need more beer??...

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    1. gillianleigh 99 months ago | reply

      can you make me a PBR pinhole camera?!

    2. [ CK ] 99 months ago | reply

      oooo hello all. Had to make a roasted chicken dinner for the fam.

      OK, here's the skinny.

      1. drink beer ;)
      2. cut open top with can opener. (save top)
      3. clean & dry
      4. spray paint interior of can with flat black spray paint
      5. drill your pinhole with a needle.
      (I started the whole with an Xacto blade and drilled the rest with a needle.
      6. Cover hole with black tape
      7. tape lid with black tape to make light proof top

      In the dark or light safe film bag

      8. load with 5x7 photo paper (you have to curl it a little to get it in the can... but it fits length wise.
      9. close lid
      10. expose film according to pinhole size & lighting condition

      develop in dektol & fixer...etc.

      11. get more beer & make more images!!

      @gillianleigh ~ maybe we should made a whole six pack?? The third PBR always taste better than the first!

    3. e50e 99 months ago | reply

      last time I involved beer with any sort of photo related activity I had a developer spill in the bathroom. A big one.

      EXCELLENT camera and photo. WOW.

    4. tinkerg 99 months ago | reply

      special to kagogo: you'll end up with a negative image on a 3x5 photo paper, which you can scan and reverse in PS.

      back in the days before computers you would then make a contact positive--just use the paper negative like a film one, shine light through the back of the paper onto an unexposed sheet using a proof press or a piece of glass, time by trial and error--i used the ceiling light in my bathroom as the projector.

      lazy days of summer...a few beers are good!

      chris-- the photo gets my star of approval...

    5. Travis Gray 99 months ago | reply

      best tasting camera ever! and a six pack cam would be a sweet idea!

    6. Slightly Cynical 99 months ago | reply

      I love Sapporo! That looks like one of the best tasting cameras ever!!!!!!!!

    7. buster/ken 99 months ago | reply

      i love that image. you're cooking with these pinhole babies.

    8. formica 99 months ago | reply

      this is excellent!

    9. Susan B. [deleted] 99 months ago | reply

      COOL! A beer camera. Can't beat that.

    10. carlha 99 months ago | reply

      ... peu importe le flacon, pourvu qu'on ait l'ivresse...

    11. annabelletexter 99 months ago | reply

      exactly, can't beat a beercam! awesome!!

    12. only because mushroom asked me to 99 months ago | reply

      Yes you MUST drink more beer!

    13. GôDiNô 99 months ago | reply

      Great mysterious pic (left) and surreal juxtaposition(if you forget the reason why)

    14. Denim 99 months ago | reply

      man! love it!

    15. seriykotik1970 99 months ago | reply

      I love the way the more sophisticated instant photo technology we have the more attractive going "back to basics" becomes. This is great!

    16. alternatePhotography 96 months ago | reply

      Great image and idea!

      More beer is always a good idea :)

    17. Dog&Dwarf 42 months ago | reply

      Amazing idea, thanks for sharing!

    18. Rob Chisholm 41 months ago | reply

      Interesting just looking around flicker with regards to Sapporo as I am here now. Most of them are of images of food, views of the clock tower etc. So I was impressed with your original approach. Here is my fist pin hole pic

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