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Guiding Santa to Chicago

From www.OutofChicago.com


I went out looking for Santa last night. I never saw him, but I did see the beacon used to help guide Santa to the city.


The 919 N. Michigan Avenue building was formerly the Palmolive building and the Playboy Mansion. It is currently used for high scale condos for the likes of Vince Vaughn and Lou Pinella. The Lindbergh Beacon, named for aviator Charles Lindbergh, was originally used to help guide planes into Midway airport. They stopped the beacon in the 80's and 90's when residents in surrounding buildings complained. When the building was renovated, they changed the beacon to shine only toward Lake Michigan, which is how it shines today.


Merry Christmas. I hope that Santa found his way to your house.


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Taken on December 23, 2011