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Another update on Oliver | by cjc4454
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Another update on Oliver

This is another old picture, so I can post an update. Oddly enough, looking back through all my cat photos, I have so many of him when he'd been to the doctor for various things... more for Oliver than my other 3 put together. Is his system just not strong?


His results of his blood test this morning were worse. He had another odd episode this morning, running through the house and making weird sounds, and he beat up Loretta (my oldest cat.) I tried to grab him to give him his tranquilizer and put him in his carrier, and he bit me. Luckily he didn't break the skin on my finger. HIs breakaway collar came off at that point and I couldn't get it back on him, he was so wild.


The doctor doesn't know what's happening and says there probably isn't much to do. She checked his thyroid today, and it was ok. She's going to do some research over the weekend. His heart rate was 260! A normal rate is 120 to 140, so even when they're panicky from being at the vet it shouldn't be higher than 180 or 200. He's sometimes having times when he's breathing too fast, even when he's asleep. The doctor put his collar back on him and gave him his tranquilizer; I hope it starts working soon. He's sitting in the living room right now, making that weird sound, but it's only been about 15 minutes since she gave him his medication. I hope it starts working soon.


So right now, there's nothing to be done. Maybe she'll find something with her research. I don't know what to do. If the behavior gets worse, or he seems to be miserable (now, he does have times when he seems to not feel good but not miserable) I guess I'm going to have to have him put down. She said since they can't find a reason for this, she has no way of knowing how long this will last, or how long until he gets worse... or better though she thinks there is not much chance of that. She said he's getting close to the point of probably needing dialysis. She's going to call me Monday.

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Taken on June 3, 2011