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Protest Sign, A side


Today was National Tea Party Day, held on April 15th because today is Tax Day here... when taxes are due. It's was called a Tea Party as a tie-in to the American Revolution's Boston Tea Party that protested a tax on tea, and taxation without representation.


It was a nation-wide protest in America, organized by people who are not happy with the budget that has been approved, and the fact that our taxes are going way up to fix the economic problems. When I was leaving work, one of the nurses who was just arriving said there was a protest going on outside, against paying taxes to bail out AIG and the mortgage companies. So I went and took photos, of course :)


I saw signs against the bail out, signs against Obama and Congress, signs for Obama and Congress, signs against socialism, signs against abortion, signs for God, signs for family values, signs against politicians in general, and lots of signs for America...

I think a lot of people were there for the fun, for the community, to blow off steam because people are so angry, and just because a protest is always interesting.

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Taken on April 15, 2009