City Pastor Photo Story
Pastor Eric Thomas is a man who loves God, people, and life. The people who know Eric and call him their Pastor such as myself, know that he is man who really loves and cares for the people at the church. His daily life is an interesting one, as he visits hospitals, shut-ins and others who have needs, and more. He has been happily married to his wife, Barbara, for over 40 years. Besides holding the weekly Sunday services and bible studies at Christ Community Church here in the Valley, he is busy helping the LAPD as a Crises Response Team member, the West Valley Christian Academy with devotions for the teachers and students, and a lot more. There are many fine qualities that set Pastor Eric apart in this day and age where too many Clergy are found to be insincere. The people who know Eric know that he is a man of sincerity and integrity. And he is not afraid to step out of the stereo-type and just be himself, especially when it comes to riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle.
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