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This is a maibock? | by cizauskas
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This is a maibock?

According to The Oxford Companion to Beer:


"Bock is a traditional strong, malty Bavarian lager. [...] Maibock, although brewed to bock strength —with about 6% to 7% alcohol by volume and a substantial body— is light amber to deep golden in color. This sets it apart from the darker winter bocks, hence its other name, heller bock (pale bock). [...] Compared with the winter bocks, maibocks also tend to have slightly more hop bitterness and hop flavor from noble Bavarian hop varieties."



▶ According to the menu at the Brick Store, a good-beer pub in Decatur, Georgia, the beer pictured above was a maibock from Arches Brewing Company —a brewery in Hapeville, Georgia, just south of Atlanta—

"Maibock. 7.5% abv. "Strong, sweet malt character is the hallmark of this style."


▶ I asked the bartender if what she had poured me was indeed a maibock. She said yes. If so, it was the darkest maibock I'd ever sampled in 35 years of legal beer drinking!



▶ In its defense, the brewery, at its website, describes the beer this way, never using the word "maibock":


This traditional German lager originated in the 14th-century and was lagered in caves through Winter to be consumed to celebrate the coming of Spring. The strong, sweet malt character is the hallmark of the style, complemented by a deep amber color. The malt character is balanced by a slight hop bitterness that allows the toasted grain and caramel flavors to shine through..



▶ Regardless, Arches Brewing's Mystik Bock was a caramelly, toasty, concord-grapey, dark-reddish-brown TASTY bock.


Brick Store Pub

Decatur, Georgia.

28 February 2017.



Photo by Yours For Good

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▶ Camera: Samsung Galaxy 7.

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