Free range chicken

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    Free-range broiler breeder chickens outside on grass.

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    1. ninjapoodles 64 months ago | reply

      These must be the "label rouge" style broilers--they're nothing like American industrial broilers, freakish monsters who will literally sit and starve to death if they're more than a few feet away from their food source.

    2. Compassion in World Farming 63 months ago | reply

      The breed is Hubbard JA57, which is a breeder line for the production of slower growing broilers. The JA57 female parent stock can be crossed with males from various breeder lines to produce offspring tailored for different slower growing markets, i.e. to mature at between 48 and 81+ days. These birds tend to be more robust, suitable for free range production and are likely to suffer from fewer leg and heart problems compared with faster growing breeds.

      The main breeds used in standard commercial broiler production in the UK are Ross and Cobb. There are several variations denoted by a number. The standard Ross breed is the Ross 308 and I believe this is the most common in the UK. The standard Cobb breed is the Cobb 500. These are breeds selected for fast growth rate, high breast meat yield and efficient feed conversion and are likely to suffer from significant levels of leg and heart problems. There are also other variations, for example the Ross 708 and the Cobb 700 are selected for particularly high breast meat yield and are tailored for the production of boneless breast cuts. These are also fast growing and likely to suffer significant levels of leg and heart problems.

      Feed restriction of broiler breeders: The chickens used for breeding are required to reach maturity in good health and fertility. Because fast growth would damage their health, their food intake usually is severely restricted during their growing period. As a result of the feed restriction, these chickens are often stressed, frustrated and chronically hungry.

      More information about chicken farming on the Compassion in World Farming website

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    5. I is 43 months ago | reply

      Hi, I used your free range chicken as a hat decoration here. hope you like it.

    6. luciawikirate 6 months ago | reply

      Great shot! Would you mind if I use it on the following website?

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