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An adventurous toddler with two purses, her favorite baby doll and the garage door remote control decided to see the world on Sunday afternoon. Thanks to a call from a Sunnyvale resident, the little girl was picked up by an officer and quickly reunited with her mother – but not before charming the officers at Public Safety Headquarters.


After 2 p.m. on September 29, the three-year-old with an independent streak had asked to play around the house. Discovering the hiding place of the garage door remote, she stuffed her purses with toys and decided to take her baby doll for a walk. She stepped out onto Sunnymount Avenue and even remembered to close the door behind her. The little girl made it to Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road when the call came into Public Safety about an unaccompanied toddler wandering around a busy intersection.


Of the officers dispatched, Neighborhood Resource Officer Bradley Militano, who is part of the Crime Prevention Unit and assigned to assist schools, found her. Reluctant to give up on her mission, the toddler eventually agreed to take a ride back to Public Safety Headquarters. Tired and fussy, she was unable to help officers with her identity, but she clung to Officer Militano until she calmed down and eventually fell asleep.


Meanwhile, the mother, thinking the little girl was hiding in one of her favorite play spots, went to check on her only to discover that she was missing. After looking around the house and then checking with the neighbors, the mom called 9-1-1, gave a description and was told that the little girl was waiting for her at the police station. When the family showed up at the station, the toddler’s older sister recognized Militano as the assigned officer to her elementary school and called out, “Look! Officer Bradley has her!”


While the adventurous toddler had a big day, it was the Sunnyvale community reporting the incident quickly, the response of the officers and the experience of the Crime Prevention Unit’s Neighborhood Resource Officers that worked together to get the little girl home safely.

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Taken on October 27, 2012