All I really need is a good cup of coffee...

but a little chocolate every now and then doesn't hurt!

  • couped up 6y

    the perfect combo in my book!!
  • lat454205 / Lisa PRO 6y

    I think you're getting your caffeine fix today.....

    I've never seen coffee made this way...pretty neat.

    A nice colorful shot.

    My favorite on your platter....Krackel.

    Ooh...just read your tags...enjoy camping.
  • Dan Morris 6y

    You go to Glacier and we get this?
  • Joe Grossinger PRO 6y

    Well, I'm very delighted that you are back, safe and sound.
    I was so afraid the rangers would catch a bear with chocolate breath.
    Chocolate is good for your heart.

    Happy Trails!
  • 2-Dog-Farm PRO 6y

    it can also be used for coffee, not just tea and don't worry Dan, I have over 500 photos of mountains, glaciers, wild flowers, water falls, it's going to take me several days to edit and upload them to Flickr. This is my new favorite, drip coffee. And you know what else Joe? I didn't have to use my bear spray at all on this trip!
  • Janet 59 PRO 6y

    I thought this was a camping improvisation!! Where's the Cadbury's??

    This wonderful photo was seen in: Coffee Drinkers Anonymous
  • Lynne Hand PRO 6y

    And a lot of chocolate!
  • turtlemom4bacon 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Top 20 Food Pix (mmmm), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Can't go wrong with chocolate!!!!!
  • Kathy PRO 6y

    A little chocolate, Marin?
    Glad to hear you didn't need the bear spray!
  • Rosie PRO 6y

    I'd like to see your idea of a lot of chocolate!
  • Mike 6y

    Interesting way to brew coffee! I'm a chocoholic too!
  • Leah Turner 6y

    glad the bears are ok
  • bfiori 6y

    nice! Just came back from vacation and didn't know Ms. Haruko had twins! How exciting and congrats to the new mamma Haruko and Grandma Marin!!!!
  • Ali Sandholdt 6y

    I'm thinking this is the right way to start your camping trip. There's enough energy on that plate to fuel a LOT of photo-taking. Looking forward to your photos
  • Fred Quezada 6y

    Coffee!! Chocolate!! You did good.
  • CandyUSA 6y

    Chocolate is a great way to sweeten your coffee, for sure, as well as add the rich depth and complexity of chocolate to an already delicious drink!
  • *Margareta* PRO 6y

    A healthfood display if there ever was one.
    This wonderful photo was seen in: Coffee Drinkers Anonymous
  • CandyUSA 6y

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