• Kudzu ate the theme park!!! Awesome find. - Cerumen

Abandoned Ferris Wheel

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On a sleepy morning of a cross-country road trip, my wife pointed this out on the side of the road and we decided to stop by and check it out.

If you'd like to purchase a print of this, check it out on my Etsy page - I'll have more photos up in the future!

While you're visiting, check out my other abandoned photography! www.flickr.com/photos/cityeyes/collections/72157606119463...

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  1. onomatoh 69 months ago

    You're welcome!

    Why don't you just put your name on the corner or something?

    It bugs me to see so may pieces on the internet that the authors don't put their names on o_O

  2. City Eyes 69 months ago

    Because I'd like to think the best of people and don't want to mess up my photos with a stupid watermark. Most have the common sense to attribute where they got their images. The first weak link seems to be Russian photoblogs and people get images from there without posting attribution.

    I don't know, maybe I'll start doing it. They don't take any extra time for me because i can just add them into my workflow, but I really hate doing it.

  3. katmoonblue 69 months ago

    love this, very southern post-apocalyptic.

  4. TOWKA 62 months ago

    I'd like to talk about getting permission to use this shot in my book. How do I contact you?

  5. Ed Brydon 56 months ago

    Interesting story re the copyrights in the comments here, but the image is great. Great find mate.

  6. jenniferdk 53 months ago

    Fabulous Reclamation!

    Please post this photo to Nature's Reclamation.

  7. jenniferdk 53 months ago

    I live in NC, Id love to see this place!

  8. joeandersun 52 months ago

    great find well done

  9. jenniferdk 52 months ago

    Yeah I found my photos actually on someones page on flickr, I was so pissed...they were passing it off as theirs. But I turned them into yahoo and they took care of it. But if you dont mind sharing info on this place, I would love to know a location. I live in NC. If you dont want to share I totally understand.

  10. City Eyes 52 months ago

    That's insane. I don't know what I'd do if I found my photos on somebody else's Flickr (although Urban Remains have been using one of my photos without asking me and they won't get back to my emails.)

  11. suonio 45 months ago

    i would buy this from you, honestly! i wanna blow it up and put it on my wall!

  12. Rui Almeida. 39 months ago

    Magnificent! A stunning beauty my friend
    Seen in someone's favorites. ( ?² )

  13. patrickemmons 39 months ago

    where is this??

  14. scuggs 35 months ago

    hey! I know you aren't on here really anymore, but I just wanted to let you know I just saw this photo on tumblr (18,396 reblogs for the one I saw) and put a link back to this photo. Some idiot put the source as himself.

  15. GallivantingGirl 26 months ago

    I found this image via Tumblr today. Brilliant. What a great find. I'm featuring it for my "Artistic Moment Of The Week" post on my blog. Thanks for sharing!


    I find it awesome that you're from Indiana too. Have a great day!

  16. Forsaken Fotos 15 months ago

    FYI, The owner is very sick and who knows what will happen to it when he passes..

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