Mexican Indian Huipils
Hermosa huipil llevaba -- you were wearing a beautiful huipil. A sample of the beauty and variety of huipils worn by indigenous women of central and southern Mexico and Yucatan.Many of the huipils from the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas are contained in separate sets.

The huipil is a (generally) sleeveless tunic-like woman's garment. Some are long - ankle length. Some are short - waist or hip length. In some communities huipils are worn tucked into the waist of a skirt. In others, the huipils hang loose.Huipils can be described as being one-web, two-web, and three-web. A web (lienzo) is a length of cloth, usually woven on a backstrap loom. In Mexico the three-web huipil is the most common type.
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