Art of Compliance
Cisco’s Global Retail Marketing team welcomes you to the “Art of Compliance” PCI art show. This show, along with other marketing activities, supports Cisco’s global launch of the Cisco PCI Solution for Retail 2.0.
Cisco’s PCI solution helps secure cardholder data, customer privacy, and business assets at every point across a business: from the data center, to storefronts and contact centers, to the Internet edge and payment processors.
The solution is built on network security best practices, the Cisco Connected Retail Network platform, proven Cisco products, Cisco services, and partner technologies. The PCI solution has been validated by a PCI Qualified Security Assessor.
We commissioned professional artists to create works of art inspired by PCI as a creative way to draw attention to the launch. Each artist was given a description of the 12 requirements of PCI, general networking information, an overview of data security, and a description of Cisco’s PCI solution. What you see here are their interpretations of the solution, networking, and data security.
Art is subjective. Our intention is to provoke conversation, create awareness, and educate. Enjoy the show.
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