Knife Resharpening 3

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    My knives are back from being resharpened. Jeff picked out a place that can sharpen to a 20' edge. They are cutting through everything like buttah!

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    1. Abstract Gourmet 103 months ago | reply

      Hey, looks very much like my knife rack... Wüsthof are awesome... i've got the 10inch cooks knife, a carving knife, paring knife, and the scissors too... all the classic series... Which reminds me... i need to get them sharpened too.

      What is the one in the middle ?

    2. Spinnaker007 103 months ago | reply

      Any sharp objects make my skin crawls..

    3. Andy Ciordia 103 months ago | reply

      Abstract: The middle one is a Toledo knife from Spain. The XV, XVI, and XVII centuries were a boom period for the Toledo sword industry, marked by the formation of the Toledo Sword Maker's Guild. During this period, craftsmen from all over Europe and even Damascus flocked to Toledo to learn the secrets if its inimitable blades; blades that have brought fame to Toledo in a way that no other city has equalled. My step-father loves traveling to Spain and picked me up one of their blades.

      Steve: hehe gotta give them respect!

    4. Abstract Gourmet 103 months ago | reply

      Hey Andy,

      Thanks for the info... i did a bit of reading after seeing the knife and getting curious and got roughly the same info... But i didn't manage to find anywhere online with a definitive collection of Toledo cooking knives...
      only this site:

      How does it compare to the Wüsthof ?

    5. Andy Ciordia 103 months ago | reply

      Probably on par.

      I think you enter a catagory of "pretty damn good" and it's hard for me to see difference between good and good. If you want to see a difference pick up a ceramic knife, now that's where excellence shines. Course so does cost and breakability heheh.

      Now that everything is at 1' I'm fantastically happy. I take care of my knives but even good home care doesn't take the place of professional polishing.

    6. espressoDOM 103 months ago | reply

      this picture screams....don't piss me off

    7. Andy Ciordia 103 months ago | reply

      Jeff told me that I was mistaken, the blades have been sharped to a 20' angle. As I understand it you cannot buy knives with this degree as it is a safety concern. You can only get them sharpened to this degree. (At least in the states).

      Knowledge you can use!
      *fade to black and a shining star*

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