Farm Scene

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    A gorgeous barn in the next county up from ours. Best viewed LARGE.

    'Farm Scene' On Black (Looks great on black~)

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    1. Kentuckiana (In & Out of Flickr) 102 months ago | reply

      The reflection is so clearly seen

    2. ~Darin~ 102 months ago | reply

      What a gorgeous shot!!!

    3. palomino (patsy) 102 months ago | reply

      yes, this is bad there weren't a couple of ducks on the pond...

    4. Laura Olson PHOTOgraphy♥♥ 102 months ago | reply

      Awesome Love The Cool Reflection Captured
      Thank you

    5. Anduze traveller 102 months ago | reply

      Very autumnal colours, and it is a beautiful barn! I really like the way you've tried to use the leafy frame to hide the silo - good idea: It looks great in the reflection, but the upper part would not have made such a great photo!! I wish your leaves didn't hide the top of the roof in front, though! That's a lovely shape, and it's lost from view! If you take another photo here, maybe you could get the leaves to hide only the silo? (Looks as though that might be hard, without breaking branches, however - were you right at the edge of the water?)

      From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a 6.5/7 ranking.

    6. Hugo McKinnon [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

      The autumn atmosphere, reflection, and exposure are all great. However the leaves at the top are annoying and clouding the actual picture and absorbing the detail. The picture seems to be on a lean which doesn't help. Good colours, exposure, and angle, but bad spot to photograph from.

      MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a 6/7 ranking.

    7. cindy47452 102 months ago | reply

      Anduze traveller, there is a barbed wire fence that prevented me from getting a different angle.

      Hugo, this was it. The property is fenced in and there's no other spot to shoot from.

      Thank you both for your scores.

    8. vetkaa 102 months ago | reply

      Beautiful color and place. But it would be desirable hardly more space around of the house

      From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a 6/7 ranking

    9. ember_oboe 102 months ago | reply

      Colours and reflection are great, the leaves are a little distracting in my opinion.

      From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a 6/7 ranking.

    10. Enrico Luigi Delponte 102 months ago | reply

      With the exception of the silo, this is a great capture, I bet the owner is from Swedish background, (In Sweden all barns are red) 6/7 from MiRea'a Realm.

    11. adritzz 102 months ago | reply

      Serene farm life! the shot is well balanced and I like that the water is not still adding some movement to the image.

      Unfortunately I do not like the light too much, having such a red barn I would've preferred a harder light. The "greyish" trees and electric poles on the right of the barn also take away from the shot. Maybe a vertical framing would have worked better, but of course I wasn't there so maybe I am saying nonsense :)

      From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a 5,5/7 ranking.

    12. Moadh 102 months ago | reply

      the shot i would say is not so special.. but the reflection i'm really loving!

      There seems to be a lot of distractions in the shot.. particularly the not-so-clear background, and the animal (which i presume is a cow, or bull if u will). Another thing that seems to distract me is that in reality (not reflection) the tower of the barn isnt shown, but blocked from sight by the tree.

      But even then, and i say again, the emphasis is presumably on the reflection of it, not on the upper half of the photo. So if that was your aim, i say bravo

      From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a 5/7 ranking.

    13. EssjayNZ 102 months ago | reply


      Ditching the highest and lowest score you get a total of 29.5 out of 35 in the MiRea's Realm Group.

      You are invited to post your pic in MiRea's Realm Upper Chamber

    14. Ronen M 96 months ago | reply

      your work !!!

      This Image is my favorite on One Of A Kind pool.

    15. cindy47452 96 months ago | reply

      Well, thank you so very much. I just enjoy taking pictures and I'm glad other people like them. I appreciate it very much.

    16. Patrícia Raimond 88 months ago | reply

      Amazing beautiful reflection!!
      WR Award
      WR Award
      Water Reflections

    17. dok1 65 months ago | reply

      A memorable image! Congratulations on the number of views.

      Found in a search. (?)

    18. cindy47452 65 months ago | reply

      Thank you. This is my favorite little duck pond.

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