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Fifty One - 51/52

It would be a complete understatement if I said I hate this. All week I've been wanting to go to this specific spot and shoot something, preferably a self portrait for some reason. Then I did today. I felt good being out there and taking it with a couple of my friends. I got all dressed up for it and wore this ridiculous wig because HEY I CAN. i even liked the photos in-camera.

Then i put them on my laptop and start going through them, and there are a billion things I dislike about it. Why are selfies my downfall? I hate how I feel after taking them, but I always feel the need to take them a week later. I have no idea why I keep going through this stupid cycle. I have no idea what I'm doing anymore. I've completely lost it and it scares the shit out of me. Nothing feels the same about photography right now and HELLO it's fucking SUMMERTIME and i'm supposed to be like...doing awesome things and creating amazing photos. I hate self portraits, which is a bummer because I had one planned out for next week (which is the last of this project, and I'll also be taking it while I'm in Indiana) and it was supposed to be a self portrait with my headshave but WHO KNOWS what the hell I'll do now. maybe i'm just in a bad mood because i haven't had any pamprin and i'm tired...i dunno. lol pms-talk.

oh one more thing, boys suck. i hate them too. <---but that's still true


lol. the editing in this is so lazy. why am i complaining so damn much. shit. shut up cierra, shut up shut up.

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Taken on June 30, 2012