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Don't Look Back - 49/52

Get out. Leave to New York and never come back, but only to visit. Take it from someone who stayed. -sister from another mister.


I shot my Q&A video yesterday. I got all "dressed up for it" and wore something I felt pretty confident in. I let my hair down, I did my makeup. In the end I hated the videos. I cant stand to watch them. Not only was I extremely embarrassed of how i looked, but also of how I acted. I wasn't me. I'll be reshooting it hopefully today, in the safety of my own bedroom with my webcam. I'll add in some funny bloopers with my friend Steven from this shoot though. (also, a thanks to Steven for pressing the shutter, asking me the questions, and being my awesome pack-mule)


Besides all of that, I really like this. I think I was channeling my inner Kiara while shooting this. I love how she always has movement and beautiful light in her photos! If you haven't looked at her stream, uhm you should.


I typed out an entire paragraph complaining about how big my boobs look and how I couldnt resist editing myself again, but i decided to erase it. Complainers are wankers.


On yet another note, I feel that my photography is declining and I don't like the feeling of it. It's summertime, and I should be enjoying the free time to go out and take photos...yet I can't seem any motivation to do so. I'm dying to shoot my next short story series soon. I started writing it...and the page is still blank. No idea how to get the scenes in my head onto paper. I guess i'll have to shoot it before I write it out.

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Taken on June 13, 2012