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A Song for The Storm - 29/52 (speed edit video included) | by CeJae B.
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A Song for The Storm - 29/52 (speed edit video included)

oh flickr sharpening, HOW DARE YOU.

This is for last week, sorry for posting late!

The model is my sister, Emily. I would like to thank her for being such a good sport about this:)


It was raining pretty hard yesterday. Of course, I was stuck in school wishing I could go out and shoot in it. And then, like most stormy days, I drove by the beach after school and noticed it was low tide. So, knowing this was a sign to shoot something, I picked up my sister from her afterschool daycare early and dragged her to the beach with me. Before we left, I originally planned to shoot with a chest and make it look like she had found treasure. But then I saw her trombone case sitting by the door and I instantly got this picture in my head. I had a lot of fun shooting with her, we don’t get along very often, so this photoshoot to me was really great and I’m glad I got to pick her up that day.

So then today I was sitting in a French class (I’m a teacher’s aide for community service but my friend and I usually just sit there and talk about stupid shit and laugh) and all of a sudden I was going frantic looking for a piece of paper. I said to my friend, “name an instrument, it doesn’t matter what kind.” So of course, being my best friend and all, she says, “uhh an oboe!” and I wrote it down. We sat there for the next few minutes and I wrote a list with about twenty different instruments and I instantly knew I wanted to make a new series, but one I would actually stick with. I’m hoping at some point in my life, I can travel around the world and take pictures of instruments in different countries. I’m really looking forward to shooting with the alphorn in Switzerland. Bongos in Africa. Shamisens in Japan. Is it crazy to hope that one day I can shoot these? Maybe it is. But I’m a crazy gal, and I wouldn’t expect anything different of myself.

Of course, traveling to all of those places right now is pretty unrealistic. I’d better save up for a while before I embark on that journey. But for now, I’m just fine with searching my town for people who would fit best for this series. I can’t even describe how excited I am to continue this.


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Taken on February 7, 2012