• One helix ends here
  • The other helix ends here.

Twisted lego tower

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Top view of the tower

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  1. fe2cruz ages ago | reply

    so just by forming a sequence of bricks 4x2 then 4x2 then 4x2 then 8x2 when you reverse this whole sequence it will actually twist?

  2. cibomahto ages ago | reply

    The trick is to arrange the blocks in a spiral, instead of rows. It takes a little bit of finessing to get started. I build a normal tower three layers high, then take apart the corner and bend the structure so that the first row lines up with the third row, and connect up some more pieces so that they stick that way. After that, you can keep building on the structure, and the whole thing will twist because of the tension caused by the spiral. I've marked the two endpoints on the picture above.

  3. fe2cruz ages ago | reply

    I think I almost understand now. The sprials and end points help a lot. I don't think it will really sink in til I build it. So I'll try to do it soon and hopefully post pictures of my progress and the spirals as I bend them. thanks for the info and the fun pictures.

  4. cibomahto ages ago | reply

    Good luck! I'd like to see when you do :-)

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