Nikon J1 Experiment

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    12.5mm f/1.4 lens (FX / full frame equivalent of 35mm) mounted on a Nikon J1.

    1. Mars Observer ♂ 33 months ago | reply

      That's some pretty good bokeh for a 1" sensor! :) I see Sony has put a 1" in their new 'serious compact' as well (the RX100) with a Zeiss 1.8 variable lens. Am interested in seeing more samples from that! Also interesting is the Nikon Rumor that they've filed a patent for a f0.78 lens.

    2. ChromaticAversion 33 months ago | reply

      There are a few CCTV lenses around and below the f/0.85 (Navitar, etc) mark, so conceptually it's not impossible to believe!

    3. richardkhor 27 months ago | reply

      How did this experiment turn out? The Pentax/cosmicar 12.5mm 1.4 is only 120 USD on BHPhotovideo at the moment... tempting. Which adapter did you end up using? How was focussing? Thinking of getting one myself

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