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Yogini - Sitting Meditation 1

From a series called "Yogini" - a Palladium print. From my travels to southern India I have witnessed the incredible beauty of 1000+ year old temple rock carvings. I may someday post a few of those images here for sale. Until then, I am working to recreate some of the temple carvings in human form. The texture and beauty of the models I am fortunate enough to work with is a nice compliment to the temple art of India that I am also photographing..


The Palladium print process yields one of a kind prints of unique beauty and clarity. Using drops of "sensitizer", I brush the coating onto Crane's Weston Parchment paper, let it dry, then contact print an image by exposing the negative/paper sandwich to UV light.


This image was taken using a new Arca Swiss 4x5 inch field camera and a Schneider Symmar Convertible 150mm f/5.6 lens, Ilford FP4+ 125 film, and developed in Rodinal 100:1, extreme minimal agitation.


My Palladium prints can be very stable and should last 500+ years unchanged. I mount them on 4 ply museum rag. Due to the unique nature of the process, I am seriously considering showing the entire print, including the rebate edge and coated area.

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Taken in September 2006