The Hawaiian Umbrella Wizard

Taken at the peak of our four-hour hike above Honolulu. This view is over the other side of the mountains from the city.


Deleteme peeps: I don't mind getting deleted, so I take that as a given. If I can learn from the deletes, though, that'd be great. Thx.

  • EAWB PRO 10y

    This is almost great. The clouds do look posterized at larger sizes, and the umbrella wizard looks cramped in the corner.

    -voted as "deleteme7" (from the Delete me! group)
  • Olya Sanakoev 10y

    excellent composition and choice of colors. nothing extra, great depth.

    -voted as "saveme5" (from Delete me! group)
  • Jeff 10y

    interesting, but not good enough. the color lacks any sort of pop.

  • mmarchin 10y

    I think I'd prefer being closer to the guy with the umbrella to give it more of a "this is what he sees" feeling.

    voted as "deleteme" (from Delete me! group)
  • wmartyn 10y

    When does the storm arrive

    -voted as "deleteme10" (from the Delete me! group)
  • i m 10y

    i really liked the exposure and the strong use of the red color in the umbrella.

    too bad it got to deleteme 10 I would have voted as saveme
  • Wall Revolution 10y

    Although its worthless could I offer a save as I really, really like this one. The splash of red in the corner contrasts well with the rest of the image, I thought the crop was fine and captured so much of a really great view.

    voted as "saveme6" (from Delete me! group)
  • tynaminet 10y

    Beautiful shot! I love this picture.
  • Joe 10y

    i like all of the different colors coming together. i would agree with the more drastic crop.
  • Rob Holland PRO 10y

    Too late to delete, but a harsh critique.

    1. Hokey title
    2. Cliched Hawaiian landscape
    3. Uninteresting figure, slumped over under a red umbrella, and looking more like a man in need of a drink than a wizard
  • Chris James 10y

    Fair enough, rob. Not quite sure what landscape shot in Hawaii wouldn't be termed cliched by now, though.
  • Paul Mayne 10y

    There is no cliche here in this photo! That man there is a mystical ancient mountain dweller, still living on the Earth since before Christ's time. A capture like this is one is a million my friends.

    I'm just sad you all can't see that. It's a WIZARD!
  • Cecily Johnson PRO 10y

    It's like you couldn't decided whether you wanted to take a photo of the man or the landscape, so you kinda stuck the man in the corner and he destroys the landscape.

    Oh, but it's a WIZARD! I hope you asked him the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
  • ai 10y

    i love his wizardry hat! awesome view...what hike is it?
  • Chris James 10y

    @ai pohaku:

    Looks like you're from the island. I can probably check, but all I know is that we went on a number of different paths after driving up to what was a national or state forest reserve. We hiked through the "snake pit" of roots all over the ground. From this view we could see the Poli (Pali,Poly?) Highway down below us. Hopefully that rings a bell.


    The man RUINS the landscape? Obviously this is subjective, but I really think he only serves to make it more interesting, particularly w/ the red/green contrast. And, if he were in the middle, it'd be horrible.
  • Erik Bishoff PRO 10y

    Epic and moving.

    The foreground figure is a little distracting but helps to establish scale. He's perhaps distracting because the umbrella is over his face so you can tell he's not looking at much of anything.

    I love the sharpness of this shot. Must have been a long exposure or a very bright day?

    A Nikon shooter... bravo!


    Here's a quote for y'all!
    "If I can learn from the deletes, though, that'd be great. Thx."

    That means they would like you to write more than one line. Be more eloquent in your feedback folks. Educate... don't just delete-and-run!

    -voted as "saveme8" (from the Delete me! group)
  • Jorge Alberto Mendoza Mariscal PRO 10y

    this most save look at the mountain
  • Bill Tyne PRO 10y

    Almost, but not quite there. At 10 dm's I'm pulling you from the pool better luck next time.
  • Eric Baxter PRO 9y

    This picture is too DANGEROUS for the SAFE. But you are invited to add this photo to THE DANGEROUS!!! pool! A place for some really great delteted photos from the deleteme! group.
  • Michelle 9y

    That photo is absolutly amazing! I love hiking in Hawaii and would love to see that view for myself. Do you know which hike that was? Mahalo!
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