(No Cursing??) Sign

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    Anyone know what this means? These line the streets in VA Beach, VA and I couldn't figure it out last week. Saw it as I walked the boardwalk w/ the family on vacation and just figured it meant no vulgarity.

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    1. billadler 97 months ago | reply

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    2. Flauto 97 months ago | reply

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    3. J. Mateus 89 months ago | reply

      Fico muito massa!

    4. mike3k 88 months ago | reply

      No Cussing

    5. Joel Mertz 87 months ago | reply

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    6. \< 86 months ago | reply

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    7. awp_trespass 82 months ago | reply

      haha...yes they are no swearing signs. Pat Robertson's deal. Vbeach is tryin to keep the hoods under control. Evidently Vbeach is trying to keep the waterfront "wholesome" for "budget" travelers who cant afford to goto the Myrtle. I hope the "budget" travelers will appreciate the mounted police horse poop of the troopers that are moderating the no swearing rule.

    8. ladiekali77 80 months ago | reply

      Well i"m from virginia beach> i guess you"d have to have kids to really appreciate these signs> it"s very frustrating to be with your family including children and all you hear is f this f that some people have no respect for this i"ve actually had someone call my kid a p*ssy! DUDE was 8! I've been walking down the board walk and the profanity just made the entire experience miserable. I cuss. Don't get me wrong. I cuss alot. But i'm always respectful of others especially kids. Some people get sexually expilicit with their language and even tho theres freedom of speech and bla bla my kids don't need to hear about dic*s and c*nts.

    9. Feralhuman [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

      Funny how VB justifies it as "for the children", without mentioning that teaching children that it is okay to use the police as their own personal "speech police" is proper. I'd rather wade through profanity every day than to teach a child to use government improperly.

    10. Phinzup 78 months ago | reply

      Everything is done "for the children" these days. Almost every controversial measure taken is couched in a manner that, if you disagree with it, you are made to look like you hate children or don't care what happens to children.

      Profanity is only what you make it. I could make the word "shoe" a profane word if I so choose. Teach your kids that certain words aren't used in public by "civilized" people and they'll hopefully learn to assume responsibility for their own actions instead of assuming the government is there to do it for them. Teach them that it doesn't matter what they hear, but it *does* matter what they *say.*

    11. Feralhuman [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

      It's high time someone fought the ban.

    12. Claire_Sambrook 73 months ago | reply

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    13. rozsmom 71 months ago | reply

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    14. rozsmom 71 months ago | reply

      egg. - You are a riot. Lol.

    15. pauliusuza 60 months ago | reply

      ACLU just won a court case. Apparently this sign is against first amendment: motherjones.com/mojo/2010/05/f-bomb-protected-1st-amendment

    16. tidewater eyesores 49 months ago | reply

      Say whatever you want. Signs don't dictate morality. Read this.

    17. IhopenobodyBlockzMe99 28 months ago | reply

      No! It doesn't violate speech! It is one of the ten commandments of the Bible Verse Genises.

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