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D7 Lieutenant John Dunbar Nude Defender of his Horse Cisko

Selected scene photograph out of the 7 Oscar movie "Dances with Woolves" directed by Kevin Costner, with himself in the role of the Lieutenant John Dubar, who has enough of the war, and finds himself at the very frontier, where he becomes acquainted with a Lakota (Sioux) Tribe. He gains their trust and respect, and after going on a hunting party together and learning each other's language, he is adopted by the Native Americans in the tipi village in the plains near the Holy Black HIlls Mountains, and he falls in love with a Stands with a Fist. He receives the name Dances with Woolves for his original friendship with a lone wolf, and becomes a member of the vllage. He marries the woman he has met and has worked together with. Last part of the movie, the strain of the civilized world is catching up with Dunbar, and he is taken captive by a newly arrived detachment of the army. His Native American friends manage to free him, he returns to the village, where he takes the decision to leave the community, to go into the world and bring his testimony, his story. A story of friendship and love for the Native Americans, probably the most ecological people on Earth. And my favorite movie. Enjoy the memories, or enjoy the images as an introduction.



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Taken on June 4, 2012