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    Vélo inutilisable

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bref le vélo devient inutilisable sniff... occasion de tester la réactivité à la garantie constructeur

  1. Bruno Santos 101 months ago | reply

    How did that happen? :-(

  2. xtof 101 months ago | reply

    Nothing, I can't explain and understand because I knew this bike was fragile and did not jump with this toy or take any pavement.

    I'll ask tomorrow to my mobiky dealer and will see if the CEO could explain. I'm sad even if Eve my girlfriend will lend me the other prototype she's currently testing ;)

    In pinko-jargon, my opinion is that mobiky has to give explanations to drive its future reputation ;)

  3. kensanata 101 months ago | reply

    Just as I was starting to ask around! Today I was in my local bike shop asking whether they had one to test-drive. They did not. :(

  4. Bruno Santos 101 months ago | reply

    Have you checked Mobiky's list of dealers? If you ever come to Portugal in one of your travels I can arrange a test-drive! ;-)

  5. kensanata 101 months ago | reply

    Hehe, se calhar um dia desses... Por enquanto tenho de encontrar alguém aqui em Zurique. :)

    Anyway, Mobiky points to TDS here in Switzerland, which lists Radsport Fuchs, but didn't have a bike on site. Too bad!

  6. xtof 101 months ago | reply

    [fr] Hé Alex, juste te dire que mon distributeur Mobiky m'a changé la roue. Ils ont été rapides (une journée de délai, ce qui est cool) Et puis rien à payer, le vélo était sous garantie.

    Sache que Mobiky n'a plus vraiment de stocks disponibles jusqu'à la livraison de la prochaine gamme. (fin janvier sans doute à confirmer par eux ou Eve ?)

    [en] Thanks Bruno. Are you a reseller or just a passionated user ? I Agree with Alex on the fact that this above mentioned dealer look like a zombie and don't seem enthusiast to sell any bikes !

    Anyway Alex, you should wait until end of January - I'll let you know as soon as I get information from Eve (my girlfriend) on the swiss bike-dealers. She'll try to help them to be Pinko-korrekted ;)

    And if you come in Paris, you will be free to have a test-ride too without any feeling to be bribed ;)

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