1967 NYC Electric Circus Nightclub Discotheque Interior 23 St Marks Place vintage photo New York City 1960s

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    1. rchrd 73 months ago | reply

      Oh, does this bring back memories. I worked at the EC when it opened as the sound engineer.

    2. joseph_keresztes 72 months ago | reply

      what kind of sound system did they have?

    3. rchrd 72 months ago | reply

      There were six theater-size Altec speaker cabinets, three on each side, front middle back, mounted high on the wall. I don't remember what power amps were used, but this was 1967 so it was all tubes. The sound booth was in the back. of the hall in a balcony so you could look down on the dance floor. There were two turntables, a reel-to-reel tape deck, and a single-cabinet Buchla synthesizer. The entire system was designed by Don Buchla and Morton Subotnick. I was working at Subotnick's studio at NYU at the time, and fell into the job of overseeing the EC activities. Somehow I became the guy running the sound booth on opening night, and for a month or so after til I gave up in exhaustion. (The things you do when you're in your early 20's.)

      One thing I did do that was memorable was to end each night with the Beatles A DAY IN THE LIFE, and play the ending by having the music circle around the room. I had to do this using the level knobs for each speaker .. we didn't have a joystick! And at the end we would turn out the lights and flash the stobes. It became quite a little performance. It did get written up in the NY Times review of the place.

      I could go on...

    4. Wasabi Bob 68 months ago | reply

      Just going through some mementos and I found a "Discount Ticket" to The Electric Circus. It states, This pass entitles you to FIFTY CENTS off the regular admission." I recall getting it at an event called "The Teens to Twenty One" event that was held in the NYC Colleseum in 1968. I still have the original LP I won that day of In a Gadda Davida by Iron Butterfly!

    5. carrie1892 68 months ago | reply

      Richard Friedman richard i used to dance at the circus "carrie" i would love to chat so reply with a way to contact you.

    6. rchrd 68 months ago | reply

      Here's another picture from inside the EC strobe room: Gran Mal

    7. mwolpert 67 months ago | reply

      Who did the lighting for the place?

    8. madlou52418 51 months ago | reply

      This was my favorite place to go in the 60's. The other places at the time were Trudy
      Heller's, and Cheetah. Loved it.

    9. franky2fish 50 months ago | reply

      ONE OF THE BEST PLACES,YOU SAID IT MADLOU,Trude Heller's,Cheetah,Harlows,were all great places.And I never had to worry about being mugged in the bathrooms either.The bands were great,Saw the Chambers Brothers,And Sly Stone there plus many others that were hip during those times.I even got to park my car around the corner by The Filmore. Wouldn't even think of trying to do that now.

    10. slipnut01 48 months ago | reply

      Hi Christian,
      I'm writing an Encyclopedia Of Jerry garcia Music Venues. I'm interested in possibly using this image. I'd need it at 1024 x 863. Please email me at slipnut01@gmail.com

    11. Christian Montone 48 months ago | reply

      I don't have it, Slipnut. Sorry. It's from an old book that I no longer own.

    12. LarryLove2306 44 months ago | reply

      memories. used to go to the EC as a teenager. The village was THE place to hang out in the 60s

    13. jjnyla 44 months ago | reply

      OMG..I spent my teens there..Every week-end..I'd come home from school in D.C. to hit it with my friends..GREAT memories!!

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