1970 COCA COLA Raquel Welch COKE Vintage Advertisement Television Show Tie-In Merchandise

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    1. da90027 61 months ago | reply

      1970 is when Coke redesigned their soda cans, they got rid of the harlequin diamond design which I loved. They have been basically using this same design now for 40 years.

      Raquel was and is still gorgeous but not a very nice person or a very good actress.

    2. Christian Montone 61 months ago | reply

      Once when Farrah (moment of silence) was on Howard Stern, she said that she was at a photo shoot with Raquel, whose first words to her were, "Oh, honey... what a shame about your teeth."
      Who needs THAT? So unattractive.

    3. da90027 61 months ago | reply

      Farrah did one of her first movies "Myra Breckenridge" with Raquel and said that Raquel was so mean to her and treated her so badly she never spoke to her again.

      I can totally see Raquel doing this. Farrah is gone and Raquel is still here. Only proves the nice ones always go sooner than they should.

    4. Christian Montone 61 months ago | reply

      And as I was typing the above, I too was pondering that detail.
      I guess Farrah's "sacred contract" or "life plan" that she agreed to at the start of this earthbound life included a relatively early demise.
      I suppose Raquel's invovled third-tier status and Foster Grant ads in perpituity.

    5. hebneh 50 months ago | reply

      Coke also marketed white flared pants with the new Coca-Cola "Dynamic Contour" design as seen here.

      The "Raquel" TV special, which is being advertised here, was notorious at the time for going hugely over budget and not getting good reviews when it was shown. I never saw it, but wished I had, because at the very end of the program Raquel sprained or broke her ankle in real life, and was shown being taken away on a stretcher.

    6. da90027 50 months ago | reply

      I was there when Raquel walked out on an interview with Cindy Adams, she simply asked her a question she didn't like and got up and yanked off her mike and stormed out.

      She is a beautiful woman but a lousy actress and a primadonna. If I looked like her I'd be happy 24-7

      Farrah was a sweetheart and the good always die young.

    7. Christian Montone 50 months ago | reply

      It's amazing how even in the SMALLEST of gestures, people can expose themselves for what they are.

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