Swanson TV Dinners 1950s Vintage Advertisement

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    an ad from one of my vintage magazines

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    1. JSF0864 68 months ago | reply

      Cool! These were the original frozen TV dinners. Sad what's become of Swanson, I am a Frozen Food clerk and these used to fly of the shelf. Today they are the slowest moving dinners in my department, they only sell when on sale and I usually wind up tossing alot because they get frozen to the shelf!

    2. Christian Montone 68 months ago | reply

      Yeah, TV dinners are sort of "the ghetto" of quick meals now... A lot of this has to do with our health-consciousness as a nation. I remember as a little kid in the 70s only being allowed to eat these once in a while. (Usually when I had a baby sitter)... The novelty of a sponge-like brownie in a foil compartment next to a salisbury steak was pretty fun to a 6 year old in 1979. I can only imagine how space-age they must have seemed in the 1950s, when eaten over a folding tray watching Leave It To Beaver.

    3. JSF0864 68 months ago | reply

      True, we don't even have TV Dinners in our house brand anymore.My biggest sellers now are Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones and Healthy Choice. I remember thinking these will never make it when they came out in the 1980's, was I wrong! The seniors still love Stouffer's Red Box so they still do good, and kids like the Kids Cuisine. But the bottom two are the two traditionals- Banquet and Swanson.

    4. Christian Montone 68 months ago | reply

      Isn't it funny how something so seemingly insignificant as a TV Dinner can be such a significant barometer of where we are as a culture? We learn a LOT from our products. What we buy DOES to some degree define our identity as a nation.

    5. Roadsidepictures 68 months ago | reply

      I'd love to have those boxes!

    6. Fifties Fan 63 months ago | reply

      Christian--I remember these exact meals. Like you, I only got them when I had a babysitter, but this was in the mid-sixties in my case. My favorite was the "fried" chicken. I liked the slimy coating. I would scrape every last bit of skin off the tray.

    7. Kathy Kavan 62 months ago | reply

      Hi, I've added your cool photo to 'Mmm, Yummy Retro TV Dinners!' gallery, see here: www.flickr.com/photos/kathykavan/galleries/72157623611086...

    8. jamestow10 21 months ago | reply

      Add Morton to the list with Swanson and Banquet.

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