• Part of this antenna was lost in a small fight with another bumble bee, which ended up killed by another bumble bee passing by.

Bumble Bee On Dogwood Leaf

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Bumble Bee resting on Dogwood Leaf; my first upload to Flickr

  1. JAEbugs ages ago

    awesome shot. love the fuzz:)

  2. Chrisser ages ago

    Thanks. I was awful lucky not to be stung. I was actually stung FOUR times by one bumble bee in the mid 1980s, and it was a huge bumble bee. I was stung on my left thumb, on my right upper arm, on my right thigh, and in my back by the same bumble bee in one day. Thank goodness I am not allergic to anything that bites or stings.

  3. JAEbugs 120 months ago

    I am on a mission to visit all of my contacts' first photo on flickr.

    hey- i was here 10 months ago-

  4. Viejito 113 months ago

    Little did we know that the next few thousand pictures would mainly feature the results of this little guy's activity...;-)

  5. Chrisser 113 months ago

    Thanks for the comment, Viejito. :-)

  6. Chrisser 91 months ago

    Thanks, Betty. :-)

  7. Alice144. 82 months ago

    Great detail! It's a bit scary though!

  8. texascowgirl35 82 months ago

    Very nice Chrisser!!


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