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'Daily Catch', Vietnam, Mui Ne, Fisherman

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Below is an excerpt from my travel blog. Cheers.


Traveling to undeveloped or developing countries is an eye opening for a number of reasons. Most of the former socialist country's rural economies are still fledgling by western standards and give you an insight into life that existed in 50-100 years ago in the America's and Europe. For the people of these former socialist societies, meeting someone who is 27 years old and traveling the world is somewhat puzzling. Why do I not have a wife and family? Why am I not working on farm or small family business? Who is looking after my parents? These are the life questions that face most 27 year olds in places such as Vietnam.


There's an interesting article that my friend emailed around the other day about the 'Quarter Life' Crisis. It deals with what mid-twenty to early thirty year olds experience as a result of contemporary society. The article states, "When a contemporary 25 year-old's parents were 25, they weren't concerned with keeping their options open: they were purposely buying houses, making babies and making partner. Now, who we are and what we do is up to us, unbound to existing communities, families and class structures that offer leisure and self determination to just a few."


It's a phenomenon that I think everyone around my age has experienced in some sort fashion. Whether it be good or bad it, the current structure in society influences our decisions and affords us opportunities (like my wanderlust throughout the world) that you cannot have in a fledging economy such as Vietnam. If you'd like to read the article the link can be found my clicking I find it to be thought provoking.


Pictured here is a fishing fleet in the Vietnamese city of Mui Ne.

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Taken on July 4, 2010