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Book Peace

Christopher Reynolds

Book Peace: 1. Turn books upside-down 2. Document Anyone can see this photo (edit)


I want to see everything change, no wait everything is changing, like clover blooming yellow tips and the eagle sent of rosemary, everything must go sail sailing adrift for a thousend years, all my dreams are changing, i'm running out of intent, oh... ...(some pretend lament here) nothing is a good place for light, it travels further, allen said there was fluxus before the word, i thought of my research (into anonymous ancient spititual practice goes here) and saw a hawk, i thought of nothing and saw that eagle, i though of all the prophets (i am not... ) im thinking of you all of you, like a blob of light endlessly expanding with a bit of seizure and a lot of (I'm not you either, or oh yes I am) but mainly no opinion at all, empty craves creation/connection across the world... lets begin

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Taken on September 24, 2008