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    1. mamalama5 34 months ago | reply

      FYI, Call Comcast Executive Office often. The # is 215-665-1700. I have had numerous problems with Comcast. Usually, after 10+ calls on an issue, I end up with a call center in Costa Rica talking to someone whose English is so fractured that no communication is possible. Then, the next day, I call executive office and talk to a supposedly reasonable person and they pass my issue on to a higher up in my area. They may not fix the problem, but they credit my account for a substantial amount. At least, I'm not paying full price for crappy service.

      My son lives in Philadelphia, 1/2 block from Comcast headquarters. In preparation for moving out, he arranged for his cable box and modem to be picked up. He was given a time from 9-12. At 2 pm he called and was told that they couldn't pick up his box and he would have to take it to a center 10 miles away. He doesn't have a car and public transportation to this center is inadequate at best. He said that Comcast had made a contract with him and cited his best law school rhetoric to support his allegations. The so-called "customer service executive" attempted to convince him that she knew more about law than he did. He said to her "one of us got an 'A' in Contract Law and one of us never took it. I think I know more than you." Eventually he was transferred to another supervisor and was told that someone would be there soon. After a total of 14 hours of waiting, the box was finally picked up, but not after listening to the dumbest, most verbally abusive and uncaring boobs that could have ever been assembled by a company. I believe that Comcast strives to find people who are as thin skinned as possible and think that hanging up on an annoyed or angry customer is an appropriate response to customer frustration. Here's an idea: if a customer is on the line who has had to sit through the interminable prompts feels the need to vent their frustration, just say this "I can hear that you're frustrated, what can I do to fix the problem?"

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