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1-12-07 | by chrismaverick
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Day 154 of 365 days.


Weird thing about the way we treat ourselves. I've been trying really hard to whip myself into shape. If I made a New Year's resolution that's probably it. I've been working out every day, trying to dump about 13 pounds (I'm down 8 since Jan. 1). I've also sort of been trying to quit smoking. With a little less heart.


I'm actually not a heavy smoker. A pack of cigarettes generally lasts me about 4 or 5 days. And while two packs a week probably sounds like a lot to a non-smoker, if you ask any real smoker, they'll probably laugh at you and tell you it doesn't count at all.


On the other hand, yeah, those things will kill you.


But you know what the hardest part about quitting smoking is? It's the fact that no one really wants to quit smoking. Yeah, its addictive, but its also enjoyable. And no matter what all the little tv commercials will tell you. Smokers are just cooler than non smokers. Nobody thought James Dean was cool because Acting was his Antidrug. Some people think that if you convince the kids that smoking isn't cool that they won't do it. But that's a losing battle. Because smokers just are cooler. I don't work out every day because I want lower blood pressure or a healthier heart. I can work out every day because having a killer six pack of abs is cooler than not. And to quote my hero, Lester Burnham, "I want to look good naked!"


So the secret to quitting smoking is somehow deciding that living a long time is more important than looking cool while you're doing it. And it probably is. I just haven't gotten there yet.


So that's the thing. In order to quit, I need to convince myself that myself that there's something good, cool or sexy about quitting. Living longer isn't getting me there. Dennis Leary once said "Yeah, smoking takes 10 years off of your life. But they're the 10 years at the end. The ones that really suck." Maybe he was a little sarcastic and overreaching there, but maybe he has a point too. I dunno.


Of course, to quote two more my heroes Redd Foxx and my grandfather, "You'll feel really stupid, dying of nothing."


In the meantime, at least if gives the opportunity for a cool picture every now and then.


365 days

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Taken on January 12, 2007