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Day 102 of 365 days.


Sometimes during this project one of those days comes along where I just really want to show a mundane part of my life. This is about as mundane as it gets. I got a call from a customer service telemarketer type. You know the ones, "Hello Mr. Maverick, we'd like to talk to you about your Chase Visa account. Have you ever consiedered joining our easy rewards program? Blah Blah Blah." Actually, today, the call was for Steph, but she refuses to answer the phone whenever the Caller ID shows its an 800/888 number calling us. Me, I like to answer them, because I found a way to make them fun.


So today, I thought I'd share a little secret. The surefire way I came up with a couple years ago to get rid of those callers. When they call answer the phone calmly. Let them just begin their little schpiel. And then maybe a sentence or two into it just calmly say, "I'm sorry, but can you please call us back sometime when we aren't having sex?" Usually they'll get flustered, apologize rapidly and hang up on you. If they persist just describe a few details about what you're doing. The nastier the better. Tell them you really have to hurry up so that you can finish before your wife gets home. Tell them that you're fucking her sister and her cousin and you don't want her to find out so you really have to go now. Make sure you use words like "fuck" and "cum" and give as graphic a description as possible. Maybe tell them it's a big orgy, and you're filming it and people are going to cum soon and you don't want to screw up the money shot. Trust me, they'll let you go in no time.


365 days

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Taken on November 21, 2006