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10-31-08 | by chrismaverick
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Day 812 of 365 Again.


So, way back in January, I filmed my second major Hollywood motion picture. And by filmed I mean, I got paid to basically sit around and do nothing while Kevin Smith made a movie around me. It was actually pretty neat. That movie came out today, so of course I had to go see it.


Of course, you'd be hard pressed to find me in the movie. I know exactly where I am, and yet I can hardly distinguish myself from other random blurry shadows in the background. But I do recognize the shots from when they made it, so i assure you I'm there. And really, I do a wonderful job. I fucking make that movie. I've even heard Oscar buzz! (Well, you know, mostly from me, to no one, but there's buzz dammit!)


That was the good part of today. The bad part is that I don't have a truck right now. I took it in for repairs yesterday and was crossing my fingers that I'd get it back today. They finished towards the end of the day and Steph and i left work early to rush out to the mechanic (not my regular mechanic) to pick it up, only to find that they seem to have closed early. People fucking suck. So now I'm mad at them, and yet I still have to give them $1000 tomorrow. Assholes.


At least I have a party tomorrow night where I can drink my problems away. Any last guesses on my big Halloween costume?


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