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    Day 68 of 365 days.

    Ever since I started this project, I had the idea that sooner or later I wanted to do a picture where I cloned myself. They've been quite popular on Flickr lately. But I didn't want to do one just for the sake of doing one. I wanted to make sure I had a really clever idea first. Then, last week, fellow flickr photographer and 365er, the lovely and talented Rachel Sian, out and out challenged me to make my own clone picture. So I was stuck. I couldn't very well turn down the challenge (I'm no punk, you see), but I didn't want to clone myself without a super original idea. Then it hit me. I didn't have to clone me. Why should I, when it would totally be much cuter to clone Steph. And in doing so, I have decide to copycat Rachel's own picture from two weeks ago.

    Too bad its only a Photoshop trick. Two Steph's are much better than one. And if I could really clone her, I could sell them and make gazillions... and the world would be a much better place.

    365 days

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    1. pi c's ages ago | reply

      aw, that's sooo sweet :D love the cloning....hopefully in the next few months i'll be able to figure out how to do this with the pse 2.0 that phlewght sent to me!!!

      enjoy poker night!

    2. ambrosialove ages ago | reply

      Awww, you're so sweet!

    3. chazomatic ages ago | reply

      that's a damn good job. i'll have to try one very soon.

    4. saboegel [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Chica starboard doesn't seemed all that pleased that you're suck'n face port side. Super idea and well executed. Bidding your time to do a clone and you nailed it. Bravo. (I'm going to copycat this)

    5. assbachs-old-account ages ago | reply

      this is love... good job also.

    6. rachel sian ages ago | reply

      awesome chris!!! good job and i love how your clones are more animated than mine... congratulations on taking up the challenge :)

    7. Marcela P. ages ago | reply

      Great work, Chris, well done! Very sweet pic..

    8. chrismaverick ages ago | reply

      Thank you everyone. I'm glad you all like it. Especially Rachel, since it was her idea originally.

      @sabogel: please let me know when you do

      @pi c's: I look forward to seeing one of these from you sooner or later.

    9. phlewght ages ago | reply

      This is great! I really do need to play with this cloning thing -- learn how to. I have no excuse other than time -- it looks like you must spend a lot of time on the PP side of things, whereas my contrast/color/sharpness/exposure changes -- when I make changes at all -- don't take very long.

    10. chrismaverick ages ago | reply

      @phlewght: oh, I edit pretty much everything in one way or the other. At least to do color correction. But this one didn't take long for the cloning. Maybe an hour or two? Of course now I look at it and see things I don't like and wish I had taken more time with it. *sigh*

    11. sassyshannon999 ages ago | reply

      I love it! She looks so cute and this is a great idea, both in photo and real life! Such a sweet woman, the world could do well with another one!

    12. daPope [deleted] ages ago | reply

      nice work!

    13. Mary-Cakes ages ago | reply

      Great shot... I have become intrigued by this cloning.... it looks like fun, bet your woman (the one on the right!) is glad she does not have to really share you!

    14. cactus jack aka boring man [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I found this photo, because you asked me to Explore My Photostream (LEAVE 3 COMMENTS/FAVS)

      great idea, and really well executed

    15. stillexpansion 117 months ago | reply

      Hey, I like white girls to man!!!!! Word 'em up!!!! Easy!!!! Cant have 2 though, thats too much work.

    16. stillexpansion 117 months ago | reply

      Yo, does she have a sister? Hook me up!

    17. chrismaverick 117 months ago | reply

      @stillexpansion: she does have a sister. but her sister is not single either.

    18. loungelistener 104 months ago | reply

      Your photo is being used, perhaps without your permission, and certainly with NO credit on this site:


      Thought you'd like to know.

    19. chrismaverick 104 months ago | reply

      @loungelistener (road trippin' Mon/Tues): thank you.

    20. Brian Pedersen 88 months ago | reply

      Great job...it isnt as easy as you might think , but you came uot well.

      Thumps up

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