108/365 Domo Children's Movie Trivia #3

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    I know this one is way too easy but I just love these guys....

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    1. Chris Gritti 59 months ago | reply

      boyoma says:

      FAVORITE MOVIE!! (answer removed)!!!!!


      thanks...mee too.

    2. tomo_moko 59 months ago | reply

      *singing* "heroes in a half shell! Turtle Power!" :D
      BRILLIANT idea & photo!! :D

    3. Chris Gritti 59 months ago | reply

      correct of course.and Connor loves that song espesially when they say Michelagelo is a party dude! he gets all excited and jumps around...

    4. Chris Gritti 59 months ago | reply

      correct and thanks....;)

    5. Chris Gritti 59 months ago | reply

      Lolas Lollabout says:
      the originals are always the best, my little brother used to make me watch the (answer removed) with him and now my kids do. They say "how do you know whats going to happen?" of course I let them think I am magic Mum!

      gotta love that look in their eyes when they look at you in wonder...I never get tired of that.

    6. Chris Gritti 59 months ago | reply

      Sandrine Escamilla says:
      (answer removed) : that was one of my favorite cartoon as a child!
      Well done again! I love all the details : the litlle pizza, pizza box, weapons...!

      thanks so much..

    7. Chris Gritti 59 months ago | reply

      Oh Yeeeeah drink Kool Aid says:
      (answer removed)!!!!!!! My favorite :)


    8. Chris Gritti 59 months ago | reply

      AGUILA81 says:
      Very good idea !
      The (answer removed) and a good pizza, they are sure values!


    9. Chris Gritti 59 months ago | reply

      lynnnaa says:
      Oh goodness!!!!! I love (answer removed)!!! :))

      I'm so happy you liked it....:)

    10. Chris Gritti 59 months ago | reply

      Marked_man says:
      It might not be easy for those who never saw it, but yes, you nailed this one so well, it should be easier to guess (answer removed)

      thanks man I can always count on you to appreciate the details i put in.

    11. technoindigo 59 months ago | reply

      I love this!!!

    12. Oh Nooooooo, don't drink Kool Aid 59 months ago | reply

      I hope you are happy, I had the theme song stuck in my head all day at work today because of this pic!!!!! :D

    13. Chris Gritti 59 months ago | reply

      you know that does make me happy :) hehehehehe lol

    14. MonsterMighty 59 months ago | reply

      Never really watched these... Teenage mutant ninja turtles?

    15. NAICHI 59 months ago | reply

      Haha! Ur ideas always so cool

    16. Jen3nidad 59 months ago | reply

      yes to turtle power!..love the originals...Bebop and Rocksteady make me laugh... :)

    17. Stéfan 59 months ago | reply

      Mutantly awesome!

    18. Jacey F. 59 months ago | reply

      haha nice one

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