BACKBLAZE 2.0 POD - 135 Terabytes for $11,820
These are build and assembly photos for our attempt to recreate what the kind folks at talked about at this blog posting:

We are blogging about our experiences with this system over at

The true cost was higher than the $7,384 shown in the blog post.

The costs:

(1) Fully-stocked and tested enclosure (everything but the drives) from $5395 + $160 for shipping

(2) 45 Hitachi 3TB SATA disks + 3 spare drives @ $128.99 each for a total of $6,192

(3) $73 for a copy of the OpenFiler NAS Administrators guide

After RAID6, LVM and XFS overhead we are left with 102 terabytes of actually usable space

Total funds spent: $11,820

Cost per usable Terabyte: $116 per terabyte
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