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What is Exif data?

Exif data is a record of the settings a camera used to take a photo or video. This information is embedded into the files the camera saves, and we read and display it here.


Taken on May 30, 2012 at 5.17PM PDT
Posted to Flickr May 31, 2012 at 7.54AM PDT
Replaced on Flickr May 31, 2012 at 7.57AM PDT

Exif data

Camera Canon EOS 7D
Exposure 0.006 sec (1/160)
Aperture f/3.2
Focal Length 105 mm
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash Off, Did not fire
ISO Speed 320
Orientation Horizontal (normal)
X-Resolution 350 dpi
Y-Resolution 350 dpi
Date and Time (Modified) 2012:05:30 17:17:18
YCbCr Positioning Centered
Date and Time (Original) 2012:05:30 17:17:18+02:00
Date and Time (Digitized) 2012:05:30 17:17:18
Color Space sRGB
Custom Rendered Normal
Exposure Mode Manual
White Balance Auto
Scene Capture Type Standard
Macro Mode Unknown (0)
Self Timer Off
Quality Fine
Canon Flash Mode Unknown (-1)
Continuous Drive Unknown (-1)
Focus Mode Single
Canon Image Size Unknown (-1)
Easy Mode Unknown (-1)
Digital Zoom None
Focus Range Not Known
Canon Exposure Mode Unknown (-1)
Lens Type Unknown (-1)
Short Focal 0 mm
Focal Units 32/mm
Flash Bits (none)
Zoom Source Width 0
Zoom Target Width 0
Manual Flash Output n/a
SRAWQuality n/a
Auto ISO 100
Base ISO 0
Measured EV 5.00
Target Aperture 3.2
Target Exposure Time 1/161
White Balance Unknown (-1)
Slow Shutter None
Sequence Number 0
Optical Zoom Code n/a
Flash Guide Number 0
Flash Exposure Comp 0
Auto Exposure Bracketing Off
AEBBracket Value 0
Control Mode n/a
Bulb Duration 0
Camera Type n/a
NDFilter n/a
File Number 0
Related Image Width 1500
Related Image Height 1000
Compression JPEG (old-style)
XMPToolkit Adobe XMP Core 4.2.2-c063 53.360203, 2008/10/08-10:33:40
Creator Tool Digital Photo Professional
Metadata Date 2012:05:30 18:23:33+02:00
Orientation Horizontal (normal)
Format application/vnd.adobe.photoshop
Color Mode RGB
ICCProfile Name sRGB v1.31 (Canon)
Original Document ID xmp.did:D96FCBCC73AAE1119F0F83419BF0E2DD
History Action created
History Instance ID xmp.iid:D96FCBCC73AAE1119F0F83419BF0E2DD
History When 2012:05:30 18:23:33+02:00
History Software Agent Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 Windows
History Parameters from image/jpeg to application/vnd.adobe.photoshop
History Changed /
VRDVersion 3.80
WBAdj RGGBLevels 0 0 0 0
White Balance Adj Shot Settings
WBAdj Color Temp 5200
WBFine Tune Active No
WBFine Tune Saturation 0
WBFine Tune Tone 0
Raw Color Adj Shot Settings
Raw Custom Saturation 0
Raw Custom Tone 0
Raw Brightness Adj 0.00
Tone Curve Property Shot Settings
Dynamic Range Min 0
Dynamic Range Max 4095
Tone Curve Active Yes
Tone Curve Mode RGB
Brightness Adj 0
Contrast Adj 0
Saturation Adj 130
Color Tone Adj 0
Luminance Curve Points (0,0) (255,255)
Luminance Curve Limits 255 0 255 0
Tone Curve Interpolation Curve
Red Curve Points (0,0) (255,255)
Red Curve Limits 255 0 255 0
Green Curve Points (0,0) (255,255)
Green Curve Limits 255 0 255 0
Blue Curve Points (0,0) (255,255)
Blue Curve Limits 255 0 255 0
RGBCurve Points (0,0) (255,255)
RGBCurve Limits 255 0 255 0
Crop Active No
Crop Left 0
Crop Top 0
Crop Width 0
Crop Height 0
Sharpness Adj 250
Crop Aspect Ratio Free
Constrained Crop Width 0
Constrained Crop Height 0
Check Mark Clear
Rotation 0
Work Color Space sRGB
Picture Style Standard
Is Custom Picture Style No
Standard Raw Color Tone 0
Standard Raw Saturation 0
Standard Raw Contrast 0
Standard Raw Linear No
Standard Raw Sharpness 0
Standard Raw Highlight Point 0
Standard Raw Shadow Point 0
Standard Output Highlight Point 0
Standard Output Shadow Point 0
Portrait Raw Color Tone 0
Portrait Raw Saturation 0
Portrait Raw Contrast 0
Portrait Raw Linear No
Portrait Raw Sharpness 0
Portrait Raw Highlight Point 0
Portrait Raw Shadow Point 0
Portrait Output Highlight Point 0
Portrait Output Shadow Point 0
Landscape Raw Color Tone 0
Landscape Raw Saturation 0
Landscape Raw Contrast 0
Landscape Raw Linear No
Landscape Raw Sharpness 0
Landscape Raw Highlight Point 0
Landscape Raw Shadow Point 0
Landscape Output Highlight Point 0
Landscape Output Shadow Point 0
Neutral Raw Color Tone 0
Neutral Raw Saturation 0
Neutral Raw Contrast 0
Neutral Raw Linear No
Neutral Raw Sharpness 0
Neutral Raw Highlight Point 0
Neutral Raw Shadow Point 0
Neutral Output Highlight Point 0
Neutral Output Shadow Point 0
Faithful Raw Color Tone 0
Faithful Raw Saturation 0
Faithful Raw Contrast 0
Faithful Raw Linear No
Faithful Raw Sharpness 0
Faithful Raw Highlight Point 0
Faithful Raw Shadow Point 0
Faithful Output Highlight Point 0
Faithful Output Shadow Point 0
Monochrome Filter Effect None
Monochrome Toning Effect None
Monochrome Contrast 0
Monochrome Linear No
Monochrome Sharpness 0
Monochrome Raw Highlight Point 0
Monochrome Raw Shadow Point 0
Monochrome Output Highlight Point 0
Monochrome Output Shadow Point 0
Custom Contrast 0
Custom Linear No
Custom Sharpness 0
Custom Raw Highlight Point 0
Custom Raw Shadow Point 0
Custom Output Highlight Point 0
Custom Output Shadow Point 0
Chrominance Noise Reduction 0
Luminance Noise Reduction 2
Chrominance NR_ TIFF_ JPEG 0
Chromatic Aberration On No
Distortion Correction On No
Peripheral Illumination On No
Color Blur No
Chromatic Aberration 100%
Distortion Correction 100%
Peripheral Illumination 100%
Chromatic Aberration Red 0
Chromatic Aberration Blue 0
Luminance NR_ TIFF_ JPEG 0
Auto Lighting Optimizer On No
Auto Lighting Optimizer n/a
Standard Raw Highlight 0
Portrait Raw Highlight 0
Landscape Raw Highlight 0
Neutral Raw Highlight 0
Faithful Raw Highlight 0
Monochrome Raw Highlight 0
Custom Raw Highlight 0
Standard Raw Shadow 0
Portrait Raw Shadow 0
Landscape Raw Shadow 0
Neutral Raw Shadow 0
Faithful Raw Shadow 0
Monochrome Raw Shadow 0
Custom Raw Shadow 0
Angle Adj 0
Check Mark2 Clear
Focal Plane X-Resolution 5715.54575523705 dpi
Focal Plane Y-Resolution 5808.40336134454 dpi
Flash Return No return detection
Flash Mode Off
Flash Function False
Flash Red Eye Mode False