Kate: Kate: ForBead-In Temptation
Here's another outstanding performance from my BESTFRIEND Kate... multi-talented singer, makeup artist, and model. She's the best! :)

To Josef de Guzman (PsorPhil President), my very special thank you for making this shoot a super fun, super enjoyable, and super fiesta (tsibugan with kulitan to the max) SHOOT! Definitely topped my most memorable shoot in my entire photography experience. There's a lot of LOVE in the air... I can't explain but the moment I step inside the penthouse... I feel like there's a lot of heart-shape people ready to flash their sweetest smile, love, and hugs. Awww! :)
Kudos to you for being such a good leader, a brother/friend to everyone... I've known you for years and yet, I'm still amazed of you each time. You made me more and more proud each day... truly, you're someone that i called "GREAT" in its true sense... God bless you always.

To all my brothers and sisters in PsorPhil... there's no other way to say it... but I LOVE YOU TO THE MAX guys... :)

And to my BESTFRIEND Kate... what can I say... you know we have the same heartbeat best... I LOVE YOU... i'm glad when you're glad and i'm sad when you're sad... always remember, when nothing is left, you can count on me OK? And once again, I'm so very thankful for bringing colors to this shoot... you made everybody look extra fab again... you never lost your magic touch... that i think can never be taken away from you... and i'm proud and ready to shout to the world that you're the best!!! And know what? The entire PsorPhil loves you too... they were amazed not only by your multiple talents but most importantly... THE BEAUTY WITHIN YOU... which i saw first... ^_^

To the models/friends: MM, Erick, Gea, PsorPhil/Angels Image Models... what can i say... you all saw the photos that we took... and yesss... YOU GUYS ROCK BIG TIME!!! i'm sooo proud of you guys... and i wish all the best of life for each and everyone... until our next shoot... which i can't wait to come... ^_^
PS: Karl, you can't escape me next time... Hehehe... :D
Special thank you to all for helping me out set up everything... for door to door delivery... Gea, thank you so much. And to the two love birds, STAR & MARK... you guys made me extra proud... keep the humble and loving hearts... may God bless you more... :)


Model: Kate T. Aguilar
Makeup & Grooming: Kate T. Aguilar
Accessories: Gea of Fashion Fruits & Your Angels Online
Makati Prime Tower Suites
Kalayaan Avenue corner P. Burgos St., Bel-Air
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

More shots to come... Got loads for Kate... ^_^
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