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What's not to love about a swap? Esp when you're me and have sort of dropped from the interwebs for a while. I'm THRILLED to learn more about friends and catch up on everyone's lives - hooray for Shannon for organizing!


Foods you like, despise, can't eat (allergies, etc.)

I'm pretty much a plain jane, creature of habit in my eating habits, and don't have many allergies (thankfully). I like hard pretzels, and Planters' Nuts and Chocolate trail mix. When i need chips...pringles all the way...but Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar when sugar is a must. Outside of that, there's not much snacking for me...yes, not even chocolate


Coffee vs. tea? Do you have a favorite kind?

I drink coffee and found myself having a weird reflux reaction to tea over the winter months. So I prefer either French Vanilla or Hazelnut coffee...and nothing too stomach can't handle strong espresso blends.


Where do you live? (climate, big city/small town, etc.)

I live in NJ and commute by train to NYC every day for work/work. Thus my name: choochooknits


Favorite yarns / fabrics? Any yarn you want to try but haven't yet?

I knit every day...hooray! Lately, i've been knitting some samples with lace weight, on larger needles, and my right wrist is now responding, unhappily, to the awkward stress of that. So I've been mixing it up with a DK on 8s project. One might suggest I rest...but, ugh, that's like asking me not to breathe! Ha ha. I had wanted to learn to quilt but haven't gotten that far...primiarly because it's not portable on the train, at hockey games, or track meets, or dance class...where being a mom takes me! I'm partial to malabrigo and Manos silk blends lately...but mostly prefer a nice DK or worsted weight


Crafty pursuits - knit, crochet, spin, sew, quilt, embroider, make friendship bracelets, any of these or others?

Mostly knitting...although my friends convinced me to try spinning at Rhinebeck last year (I just haven't kept up with it)


Hobbies/pursuits/proclivities/passions (other than the aforementioned crafty ones, obvs)

Since commuting and work/work take up most of my day, my "free time" is spent with my family and knitting while I do that. Yep, I'm a knitting fool!


What do you do in life? (job, career, school, family, etc.)

I've been happily married to Ken for 8 years and we met on in Feb 2004...married in Sept 2004...and had our awesome daughter (nicknamed) Ramona in Dec 2005. My (step) son has lived with us since we married, so I consider him my own. He's now 15 - and yes...he's a difficult...but normal...teenager! We own the world's craziest mutt, part husky, part chow, named Peanut. My family is awesome.


What makes you happy?

Besides my family and knitting...YOU all make me happy and have influenced the person, and knitter, i've become over the past several years. It's nice to know that we are all supportive and caring...and have each others backs through the highs and lows of life! I love you all!


Into makeup? Is there anything you want to try?

My makeup is fairly basic most days...although my eyeshadow envy is Bertha, and my nailpolish envy is Mary Heather! Those two girls know how to DO IT UP RIGHT!! I'd love to know how to perfect the perfect smoky eye...but am content with using 6 products a day and feeling simple.


Into nail polish? Any favorite brands, favorite colors, or specific shades you covet?

I don't have time to maintain my polish, so I usually do my toes...since those are easy to cover up if they start to look crappy. Yes, I'm totally lazy! I've tried all the "hip" polishes (again, that's to all of you) like Butter, etc. Looking for the perfect, and perhaps matching, berry color for my lips and nails. Suggestions based on my coloring?


Random favorites -- colors, flavors, scents, books, movies, TV, magazines, genres, time of day, motifs (foxes, bees, squirrels, owls, beavers, mushrooms, bats), etc.


My obvious color choices are blues and reds as everyone seems to like them on me :o) I'm big into Owls and Sheep (obviously) as far as motifs go. I read books through my nook and iTunes apps, and usually on the subway portion of my commute.


Can't wait to read everyone else's profiles this time around. xoxo, kc

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Taken on April 13, 2012