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This pic is for Lynn, who also made pancakes last weekend! I used my basic recipe (Cook's Illustrated -- love their books!) and whipped up the whites for fluffier pancakes. Had to do that manually but it was just 4 whites so -- pretty easy.

I'm not too happy with the pic, I would have wanted more syrup on the left side but this was the only one I took before I was asked to sit down with the family to eat. (This means expect another pancake pic soon hehehe!)

Pre-scooped the whipped butter at home and froze overnight for easy transport in the coolers. Of course once we got there it was moved to the refrigerator!

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  1. tednmiki ages ago | reply

    this is absolutely perfect, mel! and i noticed the gumamela -- nice touch! i've got to catch up on your fab photostream soon (after fixing my hair of course) ;)

  2. trite support [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Wow, this is a beautiful shot! I love how you've captured the syrup being poured with LOVE onto the pancakes! :O) And look at that butter melting! :O) I haven't had breakfast yet, can you tell?! (Btw, thanks for all the lovely comments you posted on my pics!!)

  3. Weetniet ages ago | reply

    MMM does pancakes looks delicious. Have to try and make some of my own real soon...

    Too bad about the syrup but it doesn't bother me. My eyes keep going back to those fluffy pancakes.. :-)

  4. heatherica! ages ago | reply

    This picture is beautiful!!! And I love pancake pictures, lol! I see what you mean about wishing the syrup was a more on the left, but honestly that didn't stand out and annoy me at all (and things like that tend to stand out and annoy me, lol!)

  5. chocolate monster mel ages ago | reply

    Thanks all!!!

    Lynn, I asked my hubby to pour the syrup onto the pancakes, then clicked after a couple of seconds. He was a good sport (considering he wanted to eat already) but I should have been more specific with my instructions :P

    tednmiki: There are heavier ceramic plates but for eating outside we used the melamine? heavy plastic ones? with summer-y prints, this is the print I like best hehe.

    h20katcher: Thanks, and you're welcome! I ought to reserve an entire weekend just to go through everyone's photos here, I haven't done that yet! :D

    Weetniet: Get your whisk, a couple bowls and go! :D

    Thanks, Heather! :)

  6. Hypnotic Aubergine ages ago | reply

    I'm thinking I'm addicted to looking at gorgeous pancakes' photos!

  7. heady boot [deleted] ages ago | reply

    how do you get them to come out so beautiful lol? when i make mine they come out lookin black in a bunch of different places.

  8. chocolate monster mel ages ago | reply

    Thanks minimommyv, I just go medium heat and use a clean pan that I wipe with a buttered paper towel, maybe that picks up the pancake batter pan residue?

  9. highfalutin robin [deleted] ages ago | reply

    i'm filled by just looking at it.

  10. RainAtDawn ages ago | reply

    Yummmmm. I added this to my splurge. I hope you like it, and don't mind your pic being in there!

  11. winkifriends ages ago | reply

    wow, excellent~~~

  12. JoshuaDavisPhotography ages ago | reply

    My favorite food.

  13. Paddy-K ages ago | reply

    Drrooooooolllll :P

  14. stevegarfield ages ago | reply

    Great photo. I used it on my mom's blog post about pancakes!


  15. Roshnii ages ago | reply

    Hi. I hope you don't mind. I have used this photo to illustrate a short story I wrote. It is linked to this photo page.

  16. marvelous_blue ages ago | reply

    Your photo is almost good enough to eat.
    The pancakes are light looking with just enough of a tan, and pouring the syrup makes it so right. Also the setting, using that attractive plate...caps it all.

  17. cbmanges ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called MAD ABOUT PANCAKES, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  18. ♥Kittengirl2♥ ages ago | reply

    I ♥ Pancakes!
    Blueberry Pancakes
    Get yours Here!!!

  19. TheMusicGirl ages ago | reply

    They look reeeeally good!

  20. { nina } ages ago | reply

    this looks delicious! saw it posted today on apartment therapy's "the kitchn" thought you might want to know :). amazing food photos!

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