Patch & Lily
Lily-She is the mother of Patch. They are not tecnically mone though, i have them on weekends only, they are the classroom pets :( I really want them though. Lily is the biggest guinea pig i have ever seen-seriously. I have always though Lems was huge but Lily is colossal. But underneath all that bulk she's a real gentle giant. Fearless yet sweet, the sad part is Lems and her hate each other!
Lily colors-chocolate, white, reddishorange

Patch-The daughter of Lily. She's very shy and skittish and will not do anything without Lily. Patch and Lems get along fine and Patch follows Lems around everywhere. Lems is not kept with either of them though. Really Patch acts like a baby, even though she too is bigger than Lemons. She isn't as big a food lover as Lems is, but she is a much louder squeaker :)
Patch's colors-white and orange
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