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Evolution of Solid Snake | by ChocoBricks Customs
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Evolution of Solid Snake

Solid Snake was another one of those figs that went through various versions (Cloud Strife, Link, and the Black Mage would be the others).


The Concept was made some time in 2007. Essentially purist and limited, it is the best I can do. A year later, BrickForge released the Space Marine (now Powered Assault Commando) Armor. I used it for the Sneaking Suit that Snake wears and came up with the V1 fig. I also gave him a BrickArms SOCOM.


In 2010, I commissioned BrickForge for some Dark Blue variants of the armor and sponsored it (I am the one to thank for its existence. You're welcome), and later made a V2 fig. V2 was basically a palette swap of V1, but making him darker in tone like in the game. This version was also used for my Series 2 of Video Game Minifigs.


The Purist fig was made not long after the V2 fig, and was hoping to make it into something more, but I later scrapped the idea. I revisited the idea later in 2011 using the pieces from Alien Conquest and made another Purist Solid Snake, and dubbing it V3 because I was satisfied with how it looks.


V4 was made the same day as V3 because I just strapped the Dark Blue armor on and switched out the guns.


V5 is basically taking V2 and smoothing out the details, and sporting the Sneaking Suit right on the torso. I gave him my fave BrickWarriors item, the FAMAS. V5 will later become a V6.

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Taken on May 4, 2012