Mocca (Baby Boy) ♡
May 2007 - 18 November 2009

Since 30th June 2007, Mocca is living in his new Happy Home with Springhawk in Czech Republic - thank you Draha! :)


In short, I kinda SAVED HIS LIFE...

Listen to this...

On Wednesday evening, on our way home, we were passing a pet shop I got Chmurka and Szarotka from. It was already closed (it was 9pm). I wanted to look though the window at the small baby hammies. And, SUDDENLY...

I saw a baby hammie walking around freely, climbing gerbils' cage! I have NO IDEA how it had escaped from the cage - the cage was closed, other hammies were inside. It will remain a mystery...

Anyway - I had to do SOMETHING. The shop was empty / closed, but the lights were on, and the door was open (so that animals could get fresh air during the night) - but, there was an iron grating. I tried to find the pet shop owner's phone number, but failed. WHAT should I do now?

The hammie would be quite probably trampled to death by accident by either the owner or the clientele the next day. Or maybe he would have luck?

BUT, then I looked and thought hard - the holes in the iron grating were so low that the Hammie could easily climb it and get outside and end up straight in the street! And then - get trampled by crowd, get run over by car, die of hunger, cold, well you know - it's just a tiny BABY!

Stay inside - get trampled. Get outside - die for sure...

So, I waited for him near the iron grating, praying that he will come here, and that I will manage to suddenly CATCH him! So there he was, coming closer and closer to the grating, I put my hand through it... and... I CAUGHT HIM!!! :)

Threw him into the bag and ran home as fast as I could, praying he's still alive from the stress and so on... He was OK. Very lively, not even too shocked or stressed. A healthy brave boy!

And so I had to keep him.

You may ask, why didn't I take him back to the pet shop the next day? Well, at first I was going to. But you know how it is. 1st thing: he didn't have a luxurious life in the pet shop. He lived in a small cage with his siblings, no toys, no wheel, no treats, no nothing (it turned out later on that the pet shop owner hadn't even notice the hammie's disappearance). 2nd thing: I really didn't want him to end up as snake food *shudder*. It happens quite often, sadly... Of course, maybe some good person would come and get him and give him a good home. But could I be sure??? Now that I saved his life, got to know him, noticed how friendly and beautiful and wonderful he is, and got attached to him - I felt responsible for him... and wanted all the BEST for him.

And then, the search for a GOOD HOME began... and very soon, he found the Best Home! He had so much luck...
Now Mocca is happy with Draha, he has a sister called Bublinka, and a guinea brother called Bubu :)
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