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Migotka went to the Vet...

I had to take Migotka to the vet.


About two months ago, I noticed two little lumps on her back, kind of symmetrical, although one is smaller, the other one bigger.

They slowly started growing and I got frightened it can be cancer... cos it's always cancer that takes my golden girls away.


The doctor said the lumps are probably lipomas (fatty tumor, is that what you call it?).

I mean - she's not sure, but it looks like it to her. She said the lumps are still not very big, so there's no need for surgery.

She examined Miogtka carefully and said that otherwise, she seems ok, her breathing's ok, heart's ok.


So the thing is now, it's important that the lumps don't go growing more and more...


I'm supposed to take Migotka for the next vet visit in 2 months so that the doctor will see if the lumps grow or change.


I was really, really so scared...

And was prepared for surgery, but now I worry a bit less, cos it doesn't have to be THAT serious.


Do any of you ever had a hamster with a fatty tumor, or lipoma, or whatever you call it in english?


If yes, please tell me.


* * *


PS. Hi.


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Taken on December 7, 2010